The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand

From humbly embarking on his journey in the competitive world of the fashion industry in the 1980s to owning a thriving and sustainable leather products enterprise, Koos’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of innovation, sustainability, and quality. This article explores the story of
The Chesterfield Brand, a Netherlands-based venture, that has emerged as a stalwart in the European leather goods sector.

A Journey Towards Quality and Sustainability

In 2013, at the aftermath of the banking crisis, Koos took a significant, yet necessary risk. He shifted his focus from cost-effectiveness to high quality, eco-friendly production. This vision birthed the successful venture,The Chesterfield Brand. A trip to their website gives a glimpse into their sophisticated range of leather goods, that stand testament to the persistent effort and commitment of Koos and his team.

The Chesterfield Way

The company’s goods are made from uniquely sourced cowhide from India, bypassing the cliché norm of faster, cheaper production, and putting an emphasis on long-lasting, quality goods. Not shying away from prioritizing responsibility over convenience, all their factories in India operate under certified working conditions. With due diligence and respect towards the environment, these units extract leather sustainably, further testifying to the brand’s unwavering commitment towards eco-conscious manufacturing.

Conqueror of Countries

The seamless fusion of quality, sustainability, and classic aesthetics has poised The Chesterfield Brand as a preferred choice among customers. Now delivering to 23 different countries, they’re truly conquering Europe one stylish bag at a time. The brand’s relentless determination and entrepreneurial spirit reflect in their ever-growing customer base and increasing geographical reach.

From being at the brink of calling it quits post the banking crisis to triumphantly emerging as an industry leader, the journey of The Chesterfield Brand is a tale of resilience, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment towards a greener world. The brand serves as an inspiration to those starting out in the field and a benchmark for sustainable, high-quality production among seasoned players.



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