In recent years, the fitness industry has witnessed a transformative leap, propelled by technological advancements and innovative design. Among the vanguard of this revolution is BodyBase, whose AceLine model is redefining our approach to workouts, both at home and in boutique fitness studios.

From Hospitality to Fitness: A Unique Transition

The driving force behind this innovation is Sabrina, a fervent fitness enthusiast with an origin in the hospitality sector. During her tenure at Marriott International, she confronted the challenge of balancing a demanding career with her fitness aspirations. This struggle ignited a pivotal shift, leading her to leave her position and immerse herself fully into the fitness domain.

The Emergence of the BaseLine Machine

Sabrina’s transition marked the inception of the BaseLine machine—a compact, versatile fitness solution initially crafted for boutique fitness studios, not home fitness. Developed in collaboration with product designers, the BaseLine was designed to address the common dilemma of integrating fitness into busy lifestyles, an issue Sabrina had personally experienced. The success of the BaseLine machine was immediate, setting a new standard for fitness solutions and paving the way for the expansion of BodyBase studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, now growing through franchising.

AceLine: Advancing BodyBase’s Legacy

Inspired by the triumph of the BaseLine, BodyBase continued its trajectory of innovation with the development of the AceLine model. Regarded as BaseLine 2.0, the AceLine boasts enhanced features, broader workout possibilities, and an aesthetic design that seamlessly integrates into any setting. While designed with the compactness and versatility ideal for boutique studios, the AceLine also caters to fitness aficionados aspiring to start their own studio or franchise, enabling the efficient use of space and multifunctional room utility.

Reconnecting Fitness with Hospitality

Sabrina’s journey has come full circle with the reintroduction of fitness into the hospitality industry. AceLine machines are now a feature in Marriott International suites, offering guests the opportunity to maintain their fitness routines while traveling. This integration has redefined the parameters of luxury accommodation and introduced a holistic aspect to guest experiences.

Final Reflections

BodyBase stands at the forefront of home and studio fitness innovation, offering products that reshape our workout routines. Sabrina’s journey from the hospitality industry to founding a successful fitness equipment line serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs. It exemplifies how passion, coupled with technological innovation, can forge solutions that enrich lives and promote health. As BodyBase continues to evolve, the fitness community eagerly anticipates its next groundbreaking creation.



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